A highlight from I Ask They Answer - October 16th 2021


Welcome to this week's edition of I ask they answer with trainer Dale Romans and turf writer Tim wilkin and guys I think it's very important on this Saturday morning to point out that today is national sports day. So this segment this morning is going to have a bit of a sports theme to it. But I think it may be even more important, especially considering some of the circumstances of the past week and everything that's unfolded to thoroughbred racing that we point out that tomorrow is national Mulligan day. So if we completely mess this thing up today, we can get a do over tomorrow. How about that? We're not gonna mess nothing up. We don't need any motives. No, just hit it right down. Stand by what I say. If you had rookies in there, you have the mulligans. All right. Look, when I play golf and I played for years, I have to take two mulligans in 9. And I still shoot a 130. How should 77? When I get 77, I quit. Well, I don't shoot at all. So I'm ahead of the game. If I want to take a walk in the Woods. All right, well, listen, we just heard that call of California angel winning the jessamine stakes. Close like a freight train under Jackie Raphael beha to win that great two event by a nose at keenland on Wednesday. That victory officially brings the breeders cup challenge series to a close here in the United States. The final two challenge races for this year's breeders cup are being run later today at ascot. There were 11 women you're in races run last weekend. 9 at keeneland tua Belmont, which winner was most impressive to you guys. Tim? There were a heck of a lot of really nice efforts last week la truce in the spinster into the bomb breaking through the gate. And then when the bourbon following C in the, those would all be worthy to be at the top of my list, but I'm going with Wesley ward's Avery Jane won the Indian summer, the third time she's beating the boys this year. She just broke out of there like a rocket and even though that's only been the fourth time for the Indian summer, the only fourth running I mean, she wanted the stakes record time one O two and 6.65. So, you know, I think that she's gonna head to delmar with a huge chance to win the juvenile Kurt sprint a race that Wesley is one twice already in 2020 and 2019. So Avery Jane is my she's now undefeated before starts, by the way. And that was her first time on the grass. But I think her impressive turn of foot, man, I think she's gonna be a monster heading out to California. That's my pick for the race of the last week. Well, you know, I think it's a great win anywhere in your end. And that makes your life a lot easier going out there. It takes a lot of pressure off of having an own right a big check and going out there and worrying about getting the money back. But I want to tell you the British security, I think, is been under talked about. I think peace culture and a huge race. I like a horse beats a big field. He beat a fulfilled horses and did it the right way. I think a juvenile born in to this year's breeders cup will benefit from being able to sit off the pace and come running. There's gonna be a lot of speed in the race as there always is. I thought he was impressive. I think he's going to California good form of watching training in the mornings. I think he's the real deal. Yeah, it's interesting. You've had so much success in that breeder's futurity over the years. Forget about breeders cup, but looking ahead to the first Saturday in May next year. Why is that such an important stepping stone to what could be Derby success in 2022 for those horses? Well, it's obviously it's the only outside of British cup ready one, two year old race in Kentucky. And I said, it seems like it always has a full field of horses. 13 horses showed up the other day. And I think that it's really important to have a horse going on the Derby preps. There's proven he can beat a big field, which is a big thought you want to have to overcome some adversity. And whoever wins that race every year seems like they do and they do it the right way. Yeah, interesting take. Dale Roman's Tim wilkin this is I asked they answered that topic one. Let's move on to topic number two guys. This past week, legislators in New York sent legislation to governor Kathy hoka, which would end a current law in New York, which mandated that horses in the same race, which are trained or ridden by a spouse apparent or member of a Jackie's household, have to run as a couple of entry. That is no longer going to be the case once this new legislation is signed into law, which is expected to happen. Good move on the part of legislators in the Empire State. What do you think? Excellent excellent move. I'll take this one first Tim. Excellent move need to be done. You know, you're betting, and the simulcast up there. You can go to Saratoga, but on Kentucky where that rule is not in place to do the window, but you came at your own racetrack.

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