Biden vows to 'get it done' as talks drag on $3.5T plan


President Biden traveled to Capitol Hill to try to resolve the standoff it's threatening his three point five trillion dollar government overhaul plan we're gonna get this done after meeting with congressional Democrats on Capitol Hill president Biden vowed he'd find a way to pass his big social spending plans not matter whether it's been six minutes six days for six weeks negotiations continue a block of progressive lawmakers refused to vote on a popular infrastructure bill without a commitment to Biden's broader package well senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia has refused to budge on demands for a smaller package of around one point five trillion sources say Biden discussed a compromise of one point ninety two point three trillion representative Pramila diapause a leader of the congressional progressive caucus we the progressive caucus was firm that we are not leaving women behind families behind climate change behind housing behind Republicans are all opposed to the president's big plan describing it as a slight to social style spending Jennifer king Washington

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