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A spacecraft outside my bedroom window. No, it was this. That's how San Francisco. It was the way low vehicle making a yui. And apparently, for some reason, like I don't know fish, they're attracted to this dead end street. They all go down it and make a U term. There's some days there can be up to 50. Literally every 5 minutes we're all working from home. So this is what we hear as channel 5 was there recording. It was easy for them to catch a bunch of Waymo's making this yui. There's a safety driver, the safety driver doesn't get involved. The Waymo is just taking the best route. And that's exactly what Waymo says we continually adjust to dynamic San Francisco road rules. As anybody who's driven that title knows yeah, they're dynamic are right. In this case, cars traveling north of California street on 15th avenue have to take a U turn due to the presence of slow street signage on Lake street. So the Waymo driver is basically obeying the road rules. But see, this is the thing. You and me when we drive down that street, we go, just keep on going. I don't make it. I'm not going to stop making a U turn go the other way. No, slow streets. I got it. I'll slow down. But the way mode takes it seriously a commercial vehicle, I guess. And so they can't go on the street so they get there. And they turn around. By the dozen. This is so fascinating for me. Hey, how will robotic driving

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