Jen Psaki Invites the Taliban Into the 'International Community'


Yesterday at The White House perhaps you've heard of it It's a big White House in Washington Well you know what one of the things I want to do is Jen Psaki on the Taliban Let's go to soundbite number 21 Because this is pretty amazing stuff Steven portnoy who I used to work with and he's a news reporter He's covering The White House For a CBS right For CBS radio And he used to work at WMA all our mothership in Washington I like Steven Porter And he asked a question of Jen Psaki colonel club about the Taliban which is riding roughshod over Afghanistan We're expecting now weeks maybe even days until Kabul is overrun We're gonna have to evacuate the embassy helicopters on the roof Saigon all over again because the Democrats are in charge The massacre is going on I don't know if you saw the testimony yesterday Women in Afghanistan are being brutalized for being too western by the Taliban children are being brutalized the schools are being blown up and burned The Taliban is rolling back the clock again And the place is being completely devastated and destroyed mass murders are taking place Massacres again women and children being brutalized cattle being stampeded The whole thing Jen Psaki yesterday Clearly on the march You're objective is to have a negotiated political settlement What gives you confidence that the Taliban is interested in that Well the Taliban has to make an assessment One we have also said that there's no question that the television defense security forces would be strengthened as with the Afghan political leadership if they were to have more success in fighting back There's no question about that We're not hiding from that in any way shape or form The Taliban also has to make an assessment about what they want their role to be in the international community The Taliban has to make an assessment as to what they want their role to be in the international community

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