Why Mollie Hemingway Wrote 'Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections'


This story of how the media unnecessarily divides us I think is the biggest story of our time Really I don't think that the country 30 40% of the country are genuinely dumb people I don't think that so you have to ask yourself why do they believe the things they believe And the answer is because they're told it often and isolated from the truth That's why Someone who doesn't lie to you and tells you the truth is a Molly Hemingway senior editor at the federalist who has a terrific book out rigged how the media big tech in our Democrats seized our elections And might I add everything else to Molly Welcome to the show Thanks for joining us It's great to be here with you Molly you are a genuine media professional You know how it works You called at the last second which I love because I do the same thing You've done so much media You know they say call it one It really means one O 5 with 30 seconds And I like the way you optimize your time Very strategic and I got to say right Jim she cut it right up to the end That super impressed you one of the best Your book rigged how the beauty of big tech and the Democrats seized their elections It's been flying off the shelves It's a big issue And the media narratives about the election Molly are crazy I mean when you ask commonsense questions like hey what happened in Pennsylvania With the last minute unconstitutional changes to election law all of a sudden we're conspiracy theorists and crazies even though Hillary Clinton still thinks she won the 2016 election Your thoughts Exactly Exactly That's why I wrote it I was appalled how after the election even though we all experienced it as the weirdest election of our lifetimes with all the changes to the rules and the processes and the mail in ballots and the Zuckerberg funding and everything you weren't allowed to notice it or say anything And that just struck me as deeply suspicious And so I knew I wanted to look into it and figure out what actually had happened And I'm really glad

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