Gregg Jarrett on Adam Schiff's Disgraceful Legacy


Greg Gerry, you sent me a piece on Friday entitled Adam Schiff's disgraceful legacy. Right there, we heard him say the following. Anyone who lied to Christopher Steele. Or the FBI should be prosecuted. What about chairman of the intelligence committee of the House of Representatives who lied to America for four years about their having seen the quote incontrovertible evidence of Russian collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow? There are a lot of liars associated with the great Russia hoax and the ensuing witch hunt. Hillary Clinton, Christopher Steele, Igor steel source, I'd add James Comey to the list. But in my book, I wrote in the column, the most remorseless liar of all the flagrant huckster of hysteria over the Russia hoax is none other than Adam Schiff. Which Sean Hannity loves to call shifty shift. I mean, he is the most mendacious of them all. I mean, he is the top of the party not in terms of who lied the most and most often for four years. That's right. You know, he'd walk a mile for a camera shift did hundreds and hundreds of interviews with the stock up media. They didn't know a damn thing because they didn't bother to actually investigate any of the allegations or try to corroborate any of the dossier they simply took it as gospel as if it were scripture from Moses. You know, and so they are winning accessories the media. But they were played for fools. They were winning dupes. And at the hands of people, like Adam Schiff, who kept insisting over and over again, week after week year after year for years that he had in convertible evidence that Trump was a Russian asset who plotted with Putin in the bowels of the Kremlin to steal the 2016 election he said he had concrete evidence, absolute evidence, he'd seen it with his own eyes. We're just on the verge of the big reveal and he promised again and again, he was going to reveal it, but oh, you know, it's classified information right

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