Dr. Tim Clinton: 'God Is Constantly Reaching Toward Us'


My friend doctor Kim Clinton, the book is take it back, reclaiming biblical manhood for the sake of marriage family and culture. You have stories in this book about people like George foreman, I love George Foreman. I want to get him on this program. I just want to talk to that guy. Tell me about him, but maybe before you tell me about him. Tell me what you just told me in the break about what about men who have blown it, who have messed up. Yeah, Eric, one of the things that I see a lot and have conversations with men around is Tim. I made some mistakes in my life. I haven't been a good dad. I've not handled my marriage all that well. I struggle in my relationship with God. And I don't know what it means. I can do things. I want to and they're given a little bit more what we would call as religion versus a relationship with God because Tim if God really knows me the way you say he knows me, there's no way you could love me. Because they look inside and they see the brokenness. You know that? And Eric, here's the central message of the book. And that is, is that God is constantly reaching toward us. He desires us. His heart is there. And he wants us and he beckons us to come to him. Just like we want our kids to come to us when they're broken. When they're struggling, when they're lost, when they're confused, I want my kids running to my lap. And God can handle our emotion. He can handle the brokenness of our lives. He just simply wants us to come

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