Self-Censorship Is the Most Powerful Form of Censorship


So let's talk first about censorship. So Dennis and prager you did a great job. They're Google lawsuit. They were way ahead of the curve by the way. They tried to warn everyone that Google was going to shut everyone up. And people took them seriously, but not enough people, and then next thing you know, Donald Trump gets kicked off YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, all in one day, and it's kind of, I told you so, right, Dennis, it was one of those things. And we kind of have a separate government that exists in our country, one that we elect and one that is technocratic and one that is headquartered in Silicon Valley and in Menlo Park. So I could get into that form of censorship. I could also talk about the former censorship that exists on college campuses, whether it be the administration or antifa, and all that. But the type of censorship that I think is actually most helpful to talk about is one that every single person in this room participated, which is when we shut ourselves up. Self censorship has become the biggest form and most powerful form of censorship. Now, it's not only we don't shut ourselves up because we always want to, it's largely because we're afraid of the price or the cost associated with speaking up. And a great example of this is when people say Charlie, what can I do? And I asked them, I say, at work or with your Friends, are you allowed to express your political or religious or moral beliefs? And a vast majority of the people that listen to my show say no. I say, well, then you are not free. I said, let's just start there. You know, instead of you running for governor or whatever, what you're all great things and say, why don't you next time at your lunch break, tell the people around you how you view the world like Charlie, I can't do that. I mean, I'll lose my job, I'll be ridiculed. I'll be marked. I'll be smeared. So, of course you will be. So why won't you do it? And that's really the issue, isn't it? And this has been one of the genius moves to the left is that they are able to hold hostage our decadence to use a great word. Our lifestyle our luxury over us. We have a great life here in America and conservatives know they have a great life. And it's actually this very interesting thing. It's this inverse relationship, and I love Dennis thoughts on this. Because conservatives are more thankful to be an American and thankful for what they have. I think we're also more afraid to lose

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