Jim Hanson on His Political Expectations for 2022


On. Let's look at the political system in the last 11 months and what we can predict for the future. We have I consider him there's some real greats in America, a handful, like Victor Davis Hansen, one of the greatest political minds for me is Newt Gingrich. He said the insanity of the Democrat party right now is a function of the fact that they know they know they're going to get totally shellacked next year. And they've got to they've got to stuff it all in the kit bag right now because they won't have control. It is fascinating that the arch strategist, Nancy Pelosi, is refusing to confirm that she's going to run. She's bought a $25 million house in Ron DeSantis state of Florida. Sorry Ron. So are they not going to try and treat? Are they not going to be able to cheat enough? Do you agree with that we take over if we do? What happens with the rhinos give us your expectation given the last ten months what's going to happen next year? It's been heartening for me to see how badly the left is screwed up and the fact that the backlash started right here. In Virginia. You know, our first win was turning Virginia back red and that was massive. Let's unpack that. My argument having had Glen on the show having met him is he didn't win it. He pivoted, he saw the mama bears, he embraced them. It was the mama bears that won it. I mean, I didn't think he was going to win. Honestly, you know, Terry, the bagman for the clintons, I thought he's going to do whatever it takes to win it. Who won in Virginia and why, Jim? We won. And everyone on the right one and I don't care Glenn can mean very little to me personally. Terry McAuliffe losing means massive things to all of us because it showed a we can win elections. There was so much disheartening. They tried. You know, they were trying to say, where's my extra panel trucks? Full of ballots for fairfax. And they never showed up. All right, so we can actually win an election. It gave us a little momentum, throw in the written house verdict and then actually they are very verdict showing that our justice system works. The jury system works and we have that. It takes a little wind out of the sales to the left, and now we're looking forward to 2022 and parents everywhere are rising up. So like you said, the mama bears and the rest who have been going to school board meetings and telling them we don't want our kids turned into socialists are their nationwide

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