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Write some of the wrongs of the past In Greenville Mississippi population 27,000 a modern and brightly lit juice bar called Kay's cute fruit stands out in the small downtown Not because of the friendly chorus of hellos though customers love that but because of who owns it 30 year old kenisha Lewis I'm really excited You know it's for the young people to walk in and they see you know who's the owner They like what You know I have somebody to do that to me Growing up in Greenville Lewis can't remember any black owned businesses downtown Machine her husband opened this past spring after years of making edible fruit arrangements and smoothies and selling them out of their home Man a young woman you know and being here in a delta is not a lot of it's not a lot of hilt options It's not a lot of places you can go and get a healthy wrap and then you can go in the same place and have nice service Lenders churn up peach and pineapple smoothies with added chia seeds or turmeric Lewis got the idea to start this business after

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