It's Time for Americans to Get Back to Work


You know, governor Chris Christie has been criticized lately because he's trying to get back into the stratosphere with his book, his book hasn't done very well. And he's been really hard on president Trump about January 6th about election integrity. I don't know about Chris Christie but I know he said something on ABC cut 5. He said something that to me is pretty crucial. This is a we have a problem in America right now. A big problem. Why don't you check this out? Cut number 5. Look, workers do it more leverage now, but Donna, it's time for them to go back to work. I quite frankly don't care whether they're ready or not. You know, it's time to go back to work. And if the president continues to give people excuses not to go back to work, he's not going to get over this problem. And saying that I'm working on the supply chain and working everything else is something that this public's not going to understand. He needs to acknowledge the problem. He will not acknowledge the problem. And people then think he's not getting it. Nobody's acknowledging the problem. We got inflation, a soaring at record heights, nobody's understanding. We've got a jobs problem in America. And I don't, I can't get anybody to understand. Listen to this from axios about half of unemployed Americans say health issues are the primary reason they're not working. Mental health problems in America have reached epidemic proportions. If one of the key drivers of the labor shortage in America is Americans physical and mental health rather than lack of economic growth, that means the fed isn't well placed to get millions more people

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