CNN Suspends Chris Cuomo for Trying to Clear Andrew Cuomo's Name


CNN is seeking additional clarity after the attorney general of New York released information that according to Rolling Stone magazine would have gotten any other journalists fired by now. Chris Cuomo in the hot seat in a big way, he's the host of his own CNN show. He's a real real, I don't want to say, I think it's fair to say he's an activist. He's an opinion guy. And he is the brother of the disgraced governor of New York Andrew Cuomo turns out that. The network is now facing a real problem because he helped in a graphic way in a very specific way, his brother. The anchor played a key role in trying to clear his brother or help his brother through the numerous sexual allegations charges against him as the sexual harassment charges that a number of women made against him. You know, it's so weird to feel any empathy for a guy like Chris Cuomo, but of course his argument is family comes first. And he's trying to help his brother. He's also a big highly paid star on CNN every night. Ostensibly being a newsman. My only gripe with CNN is that they pretend to be a news organization and they're not. And they're journalists. If they're going to be journalists, they are supposed to follow the role of journalism. But on the other hand, none of them do. Anywhere.

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