Pomona Unified Schools Bring Back Campus Police


Pomona unified school district to bring back campus police. Following the funding movement. And Fox News. So this is interesting. The Pomona. Unified school district. Said it was no longer going to fund officers on the campus. They would substitute instead of officers they would substitute proctors, which means nothing, right? In order to practice. A whole super fight. An unarmed. Because you know those who want to shoot up schools and I need to talk to you about the Michigan one. Yeah. But I'll get to that in a moment. So. They withdrew funding, then there was a shooting on the campus. And then their back to funding. Why are the residents of Pomona not demanding that every single member of the board of the Pomona unified school district resign? There is no, you know that there is no price paid for left wing anarchy, none, none. That's right. Say that Ivermectin works and you are banned from media. Defund police at a school. And nothing happens to you. There is no risk on being a leftist. You risk nothing. It does not matter how crazy how destructive your position is. How many people are killed as a result like in Philadelphia. No price is paid. Every single member of the Pomona unified school district should resign and walk through the streets with an eye apologized sign.

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