McAuliffe Hopes Joe Biden Can Spark Struggling Campaign


So America, Joe Biden, you go out there and vote for Terry mccaul and Joe Biden after last night's rally. There was a, quote, rally. Let me show you a couple of pictures, put up by our friend Mac. Here is the CBS picture of the rally that the president did with Terry mcauliffe in Virginia last night. If you're watching on YouTube, you can see that picture. I don't see it yet, so maybe it's stuck in the ether. But it looks like a good crowd. You don't even think, wow, wow, the president may have more hustle than we think. Maybe he's really good at it. Then you pan out. There's the first picture. That's the CBS News picture. Then you pan out, and they've taken over one corner of one tiny park in Virginia across the river from The White House. And they basically rounded up the locals and shuffled them into maybe 300 people there. That 300 people Dwayne, do you think that's 300 people? I'm not sure that that's 300 people. But the president, though, is simply out to lunch on this stuff. Here he is, last night, talking about blend young and who has clearly got the Democrat scared to death of winning an upset that would be an earthquake in America. Cut number 17. Jesse look how he's closing his campaign. He's gone from banning a woman's right to choose to banning books written by a Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize winning author. Toni Morrison. So if you talk about love, by the way, which I just finished recently and he's talking about not banning books, but about allowing parents to know which books are being read in what their messages are beloved as a fine book for teenagers to read and I'm sure glad you can would agree with that. But if you have to start what you're attacking opponent is saying, then you're responding to attacks two days before an election with a weak and unpopular president in a tiny park with nobody in it. And that means Terry mcauliffe is sucking air because people don't like Joe Biden

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