Why Are We Judging People by the Color of Their Skin, Not the Content of Their Character?


Well, last year, after the incident with George Floyd, and the $2 billion of damages that ensued after that, in the summer last summer, all of a sudden we decided to completely and totally redesign American society. We decided to prioritize people based on race, not on character. We decided to change the way that we actually implement graduation ceremonies, where we'll get into some of these examples. But did you know 75 colleges across the country now do graduation ceremonies based on race? So black only graduation ceremony, Hispanic only graduation ceremony, white only graduation ceremony. We are resegregating American society. In Georgia public schools, they have black kids go to one classroom, white kids go to another classroom. Though this idea of that we should care about the skin color and the content of people's skin color, not of their character, is not a new phenomenon, but it's new for my lifetime. That's for sure. You know, I'm 27 about the 28 tomorrow and I'm holding on as long as I can. And. I feel like I'm 55 when I say this. The country I grew up in, it's true, never would have put up with us. Never would have put up with this idea of organizing people based on things they can't change rather than on things they can change. And there's obvious exceptions to this, but the general rule is that we should always try to prioritize public policy and laws based on things you can change. Human action, how hard do you work? What is your character? Are you trying to improve your life? Things you can't change, not a good idea to organize society around that. And a great example is if you can not change your race or your ethnicity, then why would you possibly make that a priority or a preference in trying to say in racial hiring practices or in admissions standards or graduation ceremony

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