'The Most Reluctant Convert' Director Norman Stone on His Journey to This Project


Folks there's a new film about C. S. Lewis called the most reluctant convert, I recommend it highly highly, very highly. And I thought, wouldn't it be great to get the director of the most reluctant convert about C. S. Lewis in the studio? Unfortunately, oh, wait a minute. Norman is that you? So me? It's still you. All right, let's keep talking. I have to plug myself in here. The book surprised by joy, which is C. S. Lewis's, I guess you could call it his autobiography, his memoir. I modeled my own spiritual memoir fish out of water on surprised by joy because what I like about surprised by joy and what comes out in the film is that Lewis doesn't only talk about spiritual things. He tells you about his whole life. And by giving you the context of who he is and growing up, the epiphany that comes in his later 20s, it has a resonance that it wouldn't have if he just said, let me tell you about God. He goes through the whole story. And it makes it very honestly. I was gonna say it's not some spiritual story. It's honest, but you have to be just tremendously familiar with this material by now. I mean, I am so familiar with it that Suzanne and I watched the last night. And I found myself I paused it and I quoted the next line. And then I hit play and there's the line. You know, I mean, how many times have I heard versions of this or whatever. So it's something you're very familiar with, but I would guess it would help you to direct the film. Yes, it did. I mean, I've been it was 19 80, I think when I started preparing for my first Lewis film. So yeah I love him to bits. He speaks clearly. He's got humor. It's the truth, truth truth. Well, you know what the real thing fun was when we were doing shutter lands back in the early 80s. I met the people that were still there. I met people who knew him, you joy. I went to tea in a little miss marvel cottage with a wonderful lady who knew them both. And she just. And they, there's more than one that is opened up the other side that doesn't get on the page. I

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