Chris Kohls AKA Mr. Reagan on Alec Baldwin's Fatal 'Rust' Shooting


Back one on one with mister Reagan, Chris Cole's. Okay, let's move on. Unless did you want us to add something on the bowl? I just want to say that that film sets do get boring. You know, they do get boring. There's a lot of downtime. A lot of downside. You know, where they're moving cameras, you're blocking your blocking means you're just setting up where you're going to stand or where you're going to walk to in the scene as an actor. You figuring out where the lights go and all that kind of stuff. So there's a lot of downtime. Now normally stand ins are there when you're doing all the setup and the blocking and stuff, well, at least doing the lights in the camera. But there's just a lot of downtime. And so you do get bored. And I can totally imagine just goofy around with a goofing around with a gun thinking there's blanks in it. And you know, I can imagine that that scenario happened. Now they're investigating it, so they're interviewing people, but you know, he's done several films I believe where he's had to use prop guns or oh man. Yeah. So I can imagine somebody who is really accustomed to playing around with a gun on set because, you know, the downtime, your accustomed to playing around with a gun, you get a bit bored and then something like this happens when you have some live rounds in the gun. You know, you should be very, very respectful of the gun when you're when you're using it even for a movie. You know, you need to be respectful. Because even with a blank, if you shoot somebody point blank with a blanket, you can kill them. Yeah, because that's actually happened on set because of the so you gotta be careful, even if it's a blank and for them to not be careful with that, it is mind

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