A highlight from 631: Bettman Meets with Kyle Beach; Who Would Win a Game Between a CFL Team and a Top NCAA Team?


Sports and whatever aright. Welcome to the wpa two lickin. Everybody knows it. It's steve warne project welcome to the proceedings. We got show's happening each and every day all in the realm of ottawa. Sports and whatever my name is. Steve warned jim jerome with me as always thanks for being with us. We hope you enjoy the show. How are you jimmy good. I see it's like that. is it. well you gave me shut the other day. Okay so not asking. I'm gonna one word answer you. I should do that the whole show. No no no no. No you gave me crap for a long intro. So i gave you long game crap for having a few soapbox moments yourself did you have any did you have anyone interpret the liam mugare interview. It was a little over modulated etiquette. Played with it. okay. It's fine. I think it was good abilene on absolutely lovely. Lovely him to talk about the the much all demise and gloria gloria these days. Not too much going on there but everyone everyone freaking out hence the hence the interview with liam. you know. But it'll be. I it'll be interesting to see the two and eight record on on the surface i would always say. Don't worry about it. You know in five the next six and they're right back in this thing right. It's early another twenty games but but when you talk when you do hear liam's comments it it sort of makes you raise eyebrows going. Oh i see. This team is complete shit from start to finish with with you. Know the gm right down to the coaches right through to the players to injuries. You know the the deal with carey price. No one knows what's gonna go on shea. Weber is going to retire so it's kind of interesting. It's kind of interesting. You know to to see how. How's a team going to pull out of the stanley cup jinx which is a real thing. I guess you know when they win they go to the final or win so canadian teaming no. I'm just saying that. That the the the not the you get the stanley cup jinx right like the year after jinx or whatever it is it happens a lot. Oh the hangover. What's that the hangover. Yeah yeah the hangover so anyway. It'll the curiosity is going to be. What sort of moves are they gonna make in the next ten games. He can't really do much with the coaching because they guy just signed a three year extension the week after the stanley cup. Final ended three year extension. I suppose possible it really hits rock bottom. They keep doing other month of this. And you have to do something. I guess can't fire the players as they say you can. I guess you can trade them but anyway it's It's bad situation. We invite you to check out our our last episode with liam. If you wanted to hear about that the to summarize it was basically crap crap crap crap crap crap. But i still believe in them leaving so and by the way we're gonna have another. We'll we're going to do the same sort of thing later in the week here on the show. Only kind of auto a red blacks style because the red blacks have basically it hit. The you know. Hit the deck here and They fired their gm. They had a terrible season. So we'll catch up with another old friend in former. Cfo eller auto a rough rider. Kenny of rare is gonna join us some point this week and talk about that today on the show. Gm their police see the jam. Jammer the coach laplace just started this year as the new head coach right. The general manager was marcel desjardins. The only general manager of the red blacks have ever had and basically. I mean you could look at his overall body of work and say an a bunch of amazing things like he's the only gm to win a grey cup for ottawa. In forty five years he's been to three of the last five grey cup finals like those are good stats for gm. Most teams would take that but the last two years have been so uniquely bad. I think the organization basically said yeah. We can't wait anymore. We have to give the fans something some reason to think that things are going to change. The last grey cup was the was the clements to gabriel. that was the last great cup for ottawa. Last win yep while while fuck there's only eight teams but they say marcel sharda ended that in Didn't personally ended. But he built a team from scratch.

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