Merrick Garland Is the Current Hired Gun of the Craven Ruling Class


Today, Merrick Garland is doing a hearing in front of the House judiciary committee. Merrick Garland is being asked certain questions that he doesn't even know the specifics of what he does his attorney general is exactly what bob Mueller did when he was the appointment, where they have these elderly kind of elderly old men that have had long resumes and careers, Merrick Garland being a federal judge, bob Mueller, think bubble around the FBI, and he's something like that. And then they use them as puppets and they manipulate them to wage domestic war on us. Merrick Garland, you have to understand what you're dealing with here. Is the current hired gun of the craven ruling class. Merrick Garland is the placeholder of all of the entrenched interests. Merrick Garland oversees the department that spied on Donald Trump illegally oversees the department that had Peter struck and Lisa page. James Comey, Merrick Garland is the placeholder unelected by the way no one showed up in huge numbers to go elect Merrick Garland to be able to write letters to say to the national school board to acknowledge the letter from the national school board association, say, you know what? We need to go use the FBI the Department of Justice to go after moms and dads that are showing up in big numbers to school board meetings. Now, Republicans are doing their job here by overseeing Merrick Garland. They're conducting oversight. And a lot of this is just words. But Merrick Garland is not used to being challenged like this. I listen to some of the hearing this morning and I could tell you this is a man who just like bob Mueller is only a placeholder and is being used and manipulated by other treacherous and other malevolent interests. To try to weaponize the federal government in the United States.

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