A highlight from Workout: Doubting Yourself



When you have a doubt about something, you have to teach your mind to ask questions to evaluate that to do a better job. So my doubts as a coach beginning. I'm too young. I got hired by an executive in a Fortune 500 company who COO. I've never been the COO of anything. How do I coach that? I got hired to work with an athlete at a high level. I've never even played that sport before. Like, I had a lot of fear and doubt about me being capable in fields that I don't know about. But that's not what coaching was, I would find out after I got training, he was like, oh no, coaching isn't about you. Coaching's not about the coach. Coaching is about the client and the way they are thinking and approaching their goals and dreams has nothing to do with your background. My ego is tied up to. And that's what usually doubt is coming from. Doubt is usually coming from a concern of ego. I don't want to look dumb. I don't want to be wrong. I don't want to make a mistake that other people see. I don't want to start small. I don't want to be embarrassed. That kind of thing. But let me share some questions you might ask next time you have a doubt. Here's my favorite first question. Is this thought or worry because all doubts tend to be a thought? It's a thought pattern. Usually, the thought pattern sounds like what if followed by a negative statement. What if she doesn't like it? What if they make fun of me? What if I fail? So it's what it followed by negative signal. So it's a thought pattern, right? So that's why I say, is this thought or worry, helpful to my joy and news story. My doubt is, I'm too young. To do this career. Now go, okay, is that helpful to my joy? No, 'cause every time I think that, I feel like crap. That's a good indication. If you think something and you feel like crap, maybe not the right thought, so why are you holding on to it? If it makes you feel like crap every time you think it, I hate my body. I hate my body. I hate my body. And every time you say that, you feel like crap, maybe that is not a thought you should be hanging on to. It's not serving you. And when you think about the new story now, I had to think, oh, no. The new story is. I'm gonna become a world class coach. Will this belief Cary me to my desired life? Because your ride into your dreams, my Friends, on your beliefs.

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