Hairdresser linked to QAnon to be jailed for Capitol rioting


Hi Mike Ross you're reporting a hairdresser linked to Q. anon will be jailed for taking part in the riot at the U. S. capitol a federal judge sentenced to Q. one on conspiracy follower to fourteen days in jail Tuesday for her actions in the January sixth storming of the U. S. capitol fifty three year old Donna sue busy pleaded guilty in July to parading demonstrating or picketing in the capitol building in passing down the sentence U. S. district judge Tanya chutkan said the sentence was for biz he's actions not her beliefs chutkan said the fact that this he subscribes to bizarre conspiracy theories that's her right over six hundred thirty people have been charged with federal crimes related to the January sixth riot the tally of guilty pleas is expected to top one hundred this week Mike Rossio Washington

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