'Eurotrash' Author David Harsanyi and the Joke That Is European 'Tolerance'


Welcome back to the author of Euro trash, David her son. Let's talk about tolerance. The leftists or the elitists in D.C. and the bike coastal areas in the United States seem to have this never ending love affair with Europe. They see themselves as tolerant. How tolerant is Europe today. I'll just tell one story that may flabbergast the listeners, but I'm sure you can give other ones from across the continent where the British police are actually policing hate speech to the extent that if you say something that is not politically correct, you may find police officers knocking on your door because of something you put on Facebook. Not inciting a crime, but simply because some groups of minority felt disenfranchised by your words. David, talk to us about just how tolerant Europe has lately become. Well, I have stories in that in that regard too, but I think first, I'll just talk about the insanity of anyone believing that Europe is more tolerant than us. It's simply an incredible thought to even grasp on to because there is literally not one ethnic minority that is properly assimilated into European cultures. I mean, there is generational poverty and high unemployment in Germany from Turkish immigrants that have been there for since the 1950s. It just goes from generation to generation. In France outside of major cities like Paris, there are just huge ghettos of North African immigrants. We have never been assimilated into society. In America, I live near D.C. here. I have neighbors from all over the world in all kinds of situations in fact from situations that they would be killing each other if they were in Pakistani is living next to Indians, et cetera. I mean, the idea that America is not tolerant is absurd. We are, of course, imperfect, of course, we have things to fix. We're human beings and all of that. But as a system goes, there has been no place more welcoming to other people. We all know this because we're all different people in a way. And we all accept a certain set of ideals that allow us to live together in peace. That is not really the case in most European

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