DC Comics Reveals Latest Superman as Bisexual in New Issue


And now they've done it with this Superman franchise. I posted this yesterday. Turned my Instagram on fire. The image. Of Superman in a Homer sexual kiss. Because DC Comics, I guess they don't want to sell colleagues. And now the new Superman the son of kal el is going to come out as gay or as Jeff pointed out, I guess he's by, right? Whatever. Who cares? But here's the bottom line. This is beautiful. Help me to balance his riding this one up. I zaki poo. Are you typing? How many homosexuals how many gay people are there in society? 1% one and a half percent. Let's be generous. Let's double it. 3%. 3% of America gay. And the gay people I know, they don't rub it in your face. It's just a thing they do. It's private. It's not a gender, they got a ram in your face. Say, look, this is me. It's the radical fraction of that 2%. The loud screamers. The identity politics harridans. So why are you trying to placate a fraction of 2%?

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