Liz Cheney, Carroll School District And Chicago School Of Economics discussed on Thom Hartmann Program


A couple of stories I wanted to put on your radar screen here The first is in Texas they passed the laws called house built 39 79 And this law quote requires multiple perspectives when discussing widely debated and currently controversial issues So now they are requiring in Texas schools or at least in this one particular school This is the Carroll school district The executive director of curriculum and instruction said just try to remember the concepts of house built 39 79 when discussing the Holocaust Make sure if you have a book on the Holocaust that you have one that has an opposing that has other perspectives One teacher asked this school wide administrator how do you oppose the Holocaust Believe me the administrator said it has come up That has come up Why do conservatives want to teach an alternative to the Holocaust Obviously they wanted to deny what happens when governments flip hard right It happened in Chile with Pinochet he killed thousands of people And this was Milton Friedman's grand experiment for the Chicago school of economics and libertarianism and neoliberalism It happened in Germany with Hitler It happened in Italy with Mussolini it happened in Spain with Franco It's happening right now in the Philippines with Marcos It's starting to happen in India with Modi Obviously it happened in Russia with the Putin that's happened in Hungary with Orban It's we're moving in that direction Poland is moving in that direction very rapidly Countries all over the world are leaving behind democracy and flipping hard right and you know they'd really rather not point out that very often when that happens hard right governments kill their own people It's just like it's what comes along with it Especially when those people protest So number one why conservatives want to teach an alternative to the Holocaust Because they'd really rather you don't know what happens when governments turn hard right Number two how do you think Liz Cheney feels now about citizens united There's a major tech billionaire who made his money with Facebook and PayPal and whatnot who wants to be the patron of the Trump wing of the Republican Party according to max chafkin a Bloomberg reporter and author of the book that contrarian Peter Thiel and Silicon Valley's pursuit of power And he said that this is they're trying to find Trump ism after Trump And where does this well Liz Cheney again big big fan of right wingers on the Supreme Court Big fan of citizens united This particular billionaire donated the maximum to Harriet hagman the Trump backed primary challenger to representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming Hagman has continued by the way the woman that she's running against in the primary from Wyoming hagman has continued to claim that there are quote legitimate questions about what happened during the 2020 election and she also supported the Arizona so called election audit So what do you think now about citizens united Liz I'm wondering I was going to say I'm wondering what a Republicans across the border thinking about citizens united but obviously the answer is right in front of us The majority of them love it because it means that their pockets are filling up with gold There is literally no limit now as a consequence of a series of Supreme Court decisions that their peak in 2010 with a 5 four right wing all right wing all four so called liberals dissented And dissented loudly with 5 right wingers on the Supreme Court saying that when a corporation or when a billionaire just pours unlimited amounts of money into political campaigns that's not corruption That's not bribery or even attempted bribery that is merely free speech and therefore it is protected by the First Amendment of the constitution It's amazing It's absolutely amazing You know what is going on here With this whole thing is tragic

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