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Tradition of May not return anytime soon In San Francisco I'm Greg Jarrett Bloomberg radio All right thank you Craig And coming up How a marathons and other big events are turning out to be the starting guns for the nation's economy You're listening to Bloomberg vest You know the hi my name is Joe And I'm a home decor over spender I made a breakthrough I found HomeSense It's unreal So many brand names sofas I bought one It's okay The prices so low Lighting unexpected Rugs handcrafted Wall art eclectic I go back like every week No it's always different New unique decor Same great savings Every time you go Home sense Stand out pieces outstanding prices The markets in focus every business day The Bloomberg markets podcast with Paul Sweeney and Matt Miller There's some sectors that you want to have more or less exposure to We've got a vaccinate the whole world analysis of the day's Wall Street action What's the thought on apple here from Bloomberg intelligence Bloomberg opinion and influential newsmakers The bond market was the boss

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