Bachelorette Parties (MM #3862)

The Mason Minute


The mason minute. With Kevin mason. For the last few years, they've been telling us that Nashville was the number one destination for bachelorette parties in America. I spent a lot of time in Vegas, I spent a lot of time in New Orleans and horse been living here for about 15 years and I always knew more and more bachelorette parties were here. But over the weekend, it got confirmation of just how crazy it was. Friend of mine was in town to spend the weekend, so we went out grabbed dinner and then went over to her hotel and just going to hung out in the lobby area the atrium area, if you will, and just kind of chatted for a while, and every time we look at the door, another bachelorette party either on their way in or on their way out, I think in the time we were there, I saw maybe a half a dozen different bachelorette parties coming either in or out. Now maybe some duplicates, but I don't think so. But what amazed me? That was just one hotel. One of hundreds of hotels we have here in Nashville. And this one wasn't even located close to the downtown area to the lower Broadway area. The national is the hotspot. It is the its city, especially for bachelorettes, which is just something I don't understand the need to celebrate in the desire and well, I guess I've been married too long and that makes perfect sense.

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