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I can't really stressing enough. Anyone can participate in the mystery. Box film challenge you. Don't have to be in scranton wilkes-barre you don't have to be in northeast. Pennsylvania you can be anywhere in participate. We've made it so we've made it really streamlined. Like keeping announcing the items online. And that's because of the pandemic it's like okay if you wanna do a challenge during a pandemic how we're gonna do this like we don't want to give out physical boxes and it's really not that conducive if you want to grow it so announcing the items was the best way to do it and it's it's really easy to it's just like people just have to go find the items if they have them in their house or they had the borrow him or if you wanna buy 'em yourself that's that's a really good we do. We're on facebook on instagram. We'll have a facebook group so you could talk to people this where we usually put the list of the requirements items prompts on. There's usually a document i to facebook page on the facebook group in the video is always there when we announced but this is the first year that the mystery box film challenge is on film freeway. That was a decision that i made that phone. Freeways really the premier place to find film festivals film challenges and i wanted just to get more is on the challenge because last year had lake. We had i think twenty one sign ups and we got twelve films back so usually are ratio is lake. We get a lot of sign ups in usually we get about half of them to submit a film which was amazing during a pandemic all types of films different genres like first time filmmakers season professionals to it's it's everybody you can do it. You can totally participate in this challenge. It's so much fun. And it's just a great way to connect with people in network with filmmakers in your area and asking for help and we're always here he always email us if you need help or have any questions but yeah all our items in prompts and requirements and specifications are on our film freeway page. If you searched the mystery box challenge on film freeway and like i said before you have two months to make film they need to be wanna ten minutes in laying that includes your credit entitles. They can't go beyond ten minutes Ill should align with the pg thirteen rating. We don't allow our crm teen films. These are short films are not gonna be feature films. So it's pretty good for that. And then you have your technical specifications as well and we do the emission on phil freeway as well. We used to have people email us. They're finish phones but we're not doing that. Everything is going to be through film freeway We do have a submission fee this year all past years. The film challenge has been free but with Just doing the challenge. It's a lot of it's like. We want to do a lot. More marketing in the marketing costs money. And we want to give her filmmaker swag like shirts and stickers and It better prizes in that costs money so like we have a regular deadlines mission is five dollars and then we have a late deadline for this year. So regular deadline for this year's film challenges november tenth. You still have time You can do a filming day you can edit and day and do whatever and are late. Deadline is november thirtieth and that will be a ten dollar fee early We kind of Wanted to do the challenge between like late summer and fall on we try to pretty close to one the northeast. Pennsylvania film festival has a festival. The festival usually is in march But it's just a pain the butt film in the winter. that can't be done. It's just a pain in the butt to film in the winter so we had the challenge earlier this year so it was. We kicked it off on september first skinner complete in the end of november to give people that end of summer fall timeframe which is still pretty nice to film. It's actually unseasonably warm now. Still which is awesome northeast pennsylvania. So i hope everyone can participate in the film challenge. It's a really great challenge to be creative and to just get yourself out there and start making films it's a real catalyst for people on lake like this is like if you wanna skies the limit if you want to do any type of film you want and have all the requirements inc for the challenge. I wanted to participate in the challenge. One year i actually wrote my script. And i just couldn't get anyone to get enough pete. I couldn't get a crew and actors together to do it. But i was like i'm going to keep the script and i'm gonna keep working on it and i'm gonna eventually produce it so i wrote a script. Siro my script for the mystery box challenge. This call fallout. And so i kept working on it and working on the script editing. I had my colleagues rita the detailer with me at lunch. They gave me feedback. So i just kept the script that i wrote for the mystery box kept working working working at and i gave it to my friend bridget. She edited it for me. Give me feedback. I kept ending it in editing. It got to a point where i thought it was good. And i just didn't then the pandemic again the pandemic hits and i just haven't i have not produced the film yet but i do want to. It's not really conducive to film during the pandemic. Because it's all takes place in a basement so really. The premise of fallout is. There's a group of friends who are hunkering down for an impending nuclear attack. While one of their friends is outside could be dead could not be dead Who knows and they're really freaked out in steph happens in. I don't want to give too much away. But i decided to submit that script to a couple screenplay competitions recently on film freeway in. It's gotten right now. It's gotten six official selections for six different vessels which is pretty awesome Just to get it out there in get it recognized which is pretty cool and it's like all right. This is really something. So i really want to film this. But it's like don't have. It's a catalyst. The mystery box film challenges are really creative. way to really get into filmmaking. Answer really start making something i i mean. I find a lot of people even myself included you. Stop yourself sometimes. If you wanna make film you stop yourself. It's like even. I wanna participate this year. Even though i'm the organizer. I still want to participate in writing my scripts and like i know what i to ride. And it's like okay. Who am i gonna get. Who is like the crew and stuff like that and making it simple so we can get it done in a day and i can edit it on time and get it in. So it's it's in own if you don't end up if you write something you end up not making it to the deadline to keep your script and keep reworking it. I mean you know. They asked for help. Get your parents involved. If the if you need to be can't find anyone you know you don't need to have a professional camera you can. Have someone help you edit or you can try editing yourself. I mean it's just anyone can participate. So i hope you guys Take some time to go to our website. The mystery box film challenge go to our film freeway page. Take a look at the list of items and problems in specifications and requirements and see if he can get a film. We would love to see your film. And you'll get them will be the premier's gonna be at the northeast pennsylvania film festival. We don't know what they yet. Um that'll come close when it gets to march but I'm so glad you guys can join me to for the une boxing. The mystery box film challenge. And i hope you guys participate. If you have any questions you can email the mystery box. Film challenge mystery box any p. Mail dot com. The mystery box challenge is on facebook. Instagram follow us. And we're also on youtube where you can find pass emissions to get some inspiration They're really talented. People who cemented in any type of person. Like if you're just new to filmmaking you for professional like everyone's got some great stuff and it's on youtube for everyone to look at so thank you guys so much for joining us for our scranton talks podcasts. About the mystery box film challenge. To go and participate. There is still time. We're on the halfway point so so go on our phone. Freeway patients admit to our film challenge. It's gonna be awesome. I can't wait to see you guys. And i hope if you do submit You get to join us at the film festival for the premiere of the films in copa. Get to meet you. That'd be great and get to network with other filmmakers as well in scranton So the the film festival usually happens downtown. Scranton in pennsylvania so i hope you guys can participate. Thank you so much for joining us for grand talks podcast. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast to get all the latest episodes. We upload episodes once a month Be sure to check out our facebook instagram. like i said again and we do our scranton. Talks live on facebook and on electric city television. If your local once a month our next Interview is gonna be on october. Nineteenth live on our facebook page on the independent film creative hub. Electric television will be talking with bridget. Lamonica she's a local filmmaker from northeast pennsylvania. Who actually is living and working in atlanta now. So we'll be talking to her about her projects what she's been doing Like working in the film industry. She's fully in the film industry a freelance basis working atlanta. So we'll be talking with her on october nineteenth at seven fifteen pm so i hope you can join us for that and thank you once again for joining us on this episode of scranton talks Be sure to check out the independent film creative. A website at www dot com are creative dot com where you can check a directory of pete filmmakers. Who are on there if you need any help finding actors and crew. That's the place to go for the with. You're looking for your crew for your mystery. Buxom challenge in. It's free to sign up so you can make your own directory on there so go there and check it out. Thank you guys so much again. Be sure to tell all your friends about scranton talks. Podcasts can't wait to hear from you on the next episode.

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