What Can We Expect Next From the Durham Investigation?


What can we expect from this point forward? So is Durham wrapping up his investigation? There's still some skeptics out there, cash. There's still some cynics. Hey look, there'll be a couple process crimes, but don't hold your breath. You're not going to get a Comey. You're not going to get a struck. You're not going to get a page. You're not going to get him a cave. You're not going to get anyone from the senior level of the Clinton campaign. What do you think? Look, I've run these massive conspiracy, massive national security cases, and they take two. I spent two three four years on some cases. John Barnes in his second year. And he's working against literally everyone in government because Merrick Garland's Department of Justice doesn't want to prosecute this. And the Chris ray and the FBI don't want to. So I don't think you issue 40 page indictments for process crimes and tell the world what you're working on if you're just going to stop. That's my opinion. And remember to your audience, an indictment is the only way a prosecutor can tell the world what they're doing because they're not allowed to disclose their evidence. So John Durham has taken the time to methodically issue indictments totaling over a 101 hundred pages now for three people. That's it. And he's identified 15 individuals like the Clinton operative in the matter like Fiona hill like Michael sussman and the like, and I think that's why he's building a larger conspiracy. Now, look, I'm not married to this pipe dream that we're going to get Comey. I wish we could, but I unfortunately just don't think we have the Jews to do it. I do think we have a shot at Andy mccabe and that's probably why the likes of Peter strzok are out in the media now, parading around. Just like Christopher Steele did, parading around his false credibility, now Peter strzok's turn. And that should tell you something that may be something else that's coming down the

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