A highlight from Rob Carpenter CEO of Valyant on Voice in the Drive Through - Voicebot Podcast Ep 232


This is episode. Two thirty. Two of the voice podcast. Today's rob carpenter founder and ceo valiant ai today we discussed conversational automation for the drive thru ella voiced by nation. I'm brechin sela host of the voice podcast and. I'm glad you're here today as you know each week. I interview someone shaping. The future voice. Ai my guest has gone all in on the voice. Interactive drive through use case for fast food restaurants bailey. I started in two thousand seventeen well before the pandemic an engulfed the world in two thousand twenty made the drive through one of the few food options available at timing was really important. Starting in two thousand seventeen gave the company several years to fully understand to try to use and build a specialty solution for fast food restaurants that included adding physical hardware such as motion sensor for the drive through lane and a computer installed inside the store to actually run the whole solution it also included integration into the leading headset products for drive thru service and determining how to best handle substitutions. Oh they also need to create a specialty. And i'll you in full. Nlp stack and figure out of best supporting existing workers. It's an interesting conversation that highlights. How much goes into a product like this beyond the voice. Ai tack carpenter is the founder and ceo valiant a member of the board of trustees for the innovate marquette smart zone. He was formerly the chairman and ceo abbott ventures mobile software development firm. Next up voice. Say the drive through the importance of delivering a whole product and a deep dive into the workflows integrations technical components that make it all work. Let's get started rob carpenter. Welcome to the voice. Podcast thank you so much for having me. I'm excited to be here. Okay

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