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People training up to an Apple watch series 7 May notice something missing I'm more, says apple's latest chronometer has done away with the devices hidden diagnostic port. The piece as that port normally gives apples technicians a way to figure out what's going on inside, should they need to watchers of the watch figure the devices new 60.5 gigahertz wireless module will take up that slack beaming necessary info rather than sending it by wire. We're on the street as apple's got a new head of HomePod, Bloomberg says a fruit's family has been hired to lead software efforts on the Cupertino company's smart speaker. It's kind of an apple family reunion. The piece says he worked at Apple from 2012 to 2016, serving at least part of that time as an audio engineer working on the original HomePod. After Apple, family cofounded the audio startup sing with a former Apple industrial designer sing came out with a speaker that costs 1000 $800. That price makes it more of a niche product according to Bloomberg. This I positions families higher as a way for Apple to better challenge smart speakers from Amazon and

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