Why Eric Metaxas Delves Into Atheism in His Latest Book


Back. It's eric metaxas is book. Is atheism dead. First things first. We're going to go through a couple of big questions. But eric are you nuts. Are you absolutely crazy. Is is atheism. Dead opened the flipping window. The crazies are running. Rampant antiques radicalized. Dnc watch even choose this topic for your latest book. Eric i will. I will tell you why chose the title in one thousand nine sixty six at what i consider the high water mark of the secularist argument time magazine came out with a famous infamous. Cover article it said. Is god dead. The clear implication being probably. Yes all the cognizant all the intellectuals know that science is pushing god and religion out and we as human beings are coming into the adulthood of our species. We're no longer children. Who believe in sky fairies and that narrative really caught hold about that time in a way that had never had before the reason. I've written a book with the title. Atheism dead is because since nineteen sixty six. Very ironically information and evidence has been coming in for god's existence very ironically much of it is coming from the world of science. Yes it has been piling up and up and up quietly like the snow piling up you go to sleep and you wake up and the drifts are covering the windows. No-one has reckoned with it. People have continued along sleep walking with the secular narrative from one thousand. Nine hundred eighty. Six gods probably dead. We don't have any use for him. The reality is that the science whether you're talking about the fine tuned argument which we can touch on or other things from science is so overwhelming. That even i as a devout believer find it almost frightening astonishing.

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