Producing the files the gene had asked him to hold onto for her


And then climbed into the backseats swallowed two bottles of sleeping pills passed out and never woke up by the time her body was found it was decomposed almost beyond recognition she was forty her body had a lot of alcohol in it romans prediction that should become a drunk and kill herself by the time she was forty came true two days later grohmann gary gave a press conference at which he attached suggestions that the movie based on his book had inspired gene suicide he instead laid the blame elsewhere gene seeberg was destroyed by the fbi he said producing the files the gene had asked him to hold onto for her when an important american magazine published their rumor launched by the fbi gene became like a crazed woman ghauri insisted she never got over the calumny and that's why she lost her child at birth ghauri alleged that gene had tried and failed to kill herself seven times usually around the time of nenas birth this successful attempt had taken place a week after nino would have turned it nine from 1960 want enacted sixty nine i lived night and day with a perfectly normal woman rumaan said but after nenas death he said she became psychotic she was obsessed by this dead child one year and three months later on december second 1980 roman gary put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger he left a note which read in part no connection to gene see burn lovers of broken hearts.

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