The film debuted internationally at the cannes film festival in may 1978


This was despite almost no promotion from the studio united artists whose head of marketing hated the film and believed it was quote unquote antiamerican the film debuted internationally at the cannes film festival in may 1978 to a rapturous reception the following spraying coming home was nominated for eight oscars including best picture best director for hal ashby best actor for jon voight best supporting actor for bruce dern best screenplay for nancy dowd waldo salt and robert see jones three riders who had never worked together and best actress for jane avoid one the three riders one and jane one jane gave her acceptance speech in american sign language but this was hardly the controversy of the night vanity fair would later described the 1979 oscar ceremony as the vietnam oscars because coming homes major competition that night was michael chang mieno's epic the deer hunt her a film that was perceived by many to proceed from the same point of view as rightwing propaganda valorising its white male american characters for exterminating the vietnamese menace this was a perception that jane shared despite the fact that she hadn't seen the movie vietnam veterans against the war the group to which jane had devoted herself while filming klute protested the dear hunter outside the theater where the oscars were held holding up signs with slogans like no oscars for racism the academy votes which was of course already counted by the time the protesters showed up did not agree the deer hunter won best director and best picture jane fonda was pest add would later say in interviews that her film was quote unquote better venture mieno's quote unquote racist bestpicture winner but as of two thousand eight jane still hadn't seen jimmy knows movie.

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