In the internet of things in other words since this book is about problems and i and solutions and iot is


Internet of things introduces challenges for networking professionals especially for lots of people but for networking professionals especially one is in the area of captivity how you actually hook up all these different sensors and so on that make up the socalled internet of things and then uh security securities become a real big issue in the internet of things in other words since this book is about problems and i and solutions and iot is sort of kind of introduce some new issues there we felt it was appropriate to have a chapter in their plus its emerging a new and becoming more and more serious of a marketing term beyond just being a marketing term it's actually a your products at that so viable enda un meaningful so base for his you'll google glass me that's that's may be at one example of of a thing in a global glass camera an interface that can connect you in the weird way to global class does with the rest of the world but there's lots of themes now that fall under that category okay so let's take a step back leaner the hype cycle graf where it's like they're the magical uniform up sweep which i kinda made that up up but the you know the up sweep and like oh this is awesome this is hype through the trough of disillusionment i love you don't get where we added that kind of graph i would say that were a little bit past hype cycle where coming down the other side no we haven't quite hit the trough of disillusionment over maybe we're getting pretty close to it because all his security issues but we're at that point where people are buying things people were deploying iot networks people are running into the problems of running iot networks and trying to figure out just how to make them work so were passed the all it's going to be a big fang in into the now let's to play and see what reality is part so getting to that trough of disillusionment i suppose that's fair niantic richest part of.

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