Gene was said to have fallen in love with forty five year old gary


Gene was said to have fallen in love with forty five year old gary at first sight his wife lesley who was a few years older than him once used to indulge in his flirtations with little women like gene the spring of 1960 when both were in paris and affair between gene and gary began and though gene and francois would soon quietly separate with gene in partying agreeing to star in francois's first direct torio efforts roma and leslie did not separates that spring breathless was release and it became an instant smash heads a film made by and for a generation that had grown up watching american films of the 1940s late whether in paris when they were finally exported after the war or in the states on tv breathless plundered hollywood's past to update the trope of the sexy scoundrel for an age of parts and post war existential uncertainty at the beginning of the film belmondo from the driver's seat of his getaway car addresses the camera in the passenger seat like hits his accomplice from then on the viewer is conscripted with him as he hustled his way through paris evading police and romancing genes newspaper girl she tells him there must be prettier girls than her he tells her he's tried slipping with two of them since she left him and he didn't like it she takes offense dried but when he asks her why she doesn't warab raw under her tshirt she's grist doubts this is the state of the settle revolution circa 1960 as seen by go dr who as gene told none other than jane fonda was a misogynist.

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