Kanye West to appear on Joe Rogan Experience podcast



This podcast is going to have a new guest soon. The Joe Rogan experience. Kanye west said that he's spoken with Joe Rogan and a podcast is coming soon. The musician had been complaining that the media. Didn't want a serious interview about mental health issues. Now, all the Joe Rogan experience is arguably big enough. This event has the capability to get this podcast and podcasting into showbiz news reporting across the world. Music radio podcasts. The BBC has used a loophole to refuse to tell licence-fee payers. How much it spent on BBC sounds? It's UK only radio music and podcast up. That's according to the times, the corporation is normally bound by freedom of information laws but claims the app is for the purposes of journalism, art or literature, which is excluded. By the law podcast of media consultant, Eric museum thinks that twenty nine thousand nine will be the year of the DIY podcast network. What tactics work at building audiences for podcasts. He asks let's start with what doesn't work almost everything. The Begnaud collective of also made their predictions for two thousand nineteen among the predictions increase in the number of fiction podcasts produced by large companies, an alternate production houses and new tools and built in functionality. That'll make supporting creators a much easier process, poppy and have published their top podcast of two thousand eighteen according to listens in their own app. The company has also upgraded its statistics platform and has posted a set of screen shots of the new functionality. If you want to speak podcast movement, two thousand nineteen speaker submissions will open in the next seven days. The organizers advice is to start thinking and preparing now for the best chance of being selected. Meanwhile, the UK's first podcasting fan convention pod UK has announced its share jewel and guests for the event. It's in Birmingham in the West Midlands on February the second whisker have let us know that they too are in the process of attaining IAB certification. They joined simple cast vox nest and spreaker megaphone Lipson Omni studio and art nineteen blueberry and NPR or ready. Their PR x has posted a look back at their podcast garage community recording space two years after opening it Lipson would like to remind you to update the copyright date. In your lips in account. Charlie sorelle at its his podcast using a pencil. He says and apple pencil on an ipad pro and resonate RIC. Have published the top thirteen motivational podcast, which will read as soon as we can be bothered. Finally, what language is this or James set? You it's Muliaina scout then Hartron than it's could muscian as Jag Stang. If you speak that language, you'll know it's cre- the CBC reports on in its Chee podcast in the first nation language heard in northern Quebec.

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