President, Donald Trump And Ed Rodriguez discussed on Larry O'Connor


Here's Ed Rodriguez. In the Hadeed carpet cleaning traffic center, we're still looking at big delays around the belly starting in the clain where the inner loop is now backed up from the toll road to the two seventy spur from old Georgetown road all the way to that. Tractor trailer crash cleanup on the left shoulder after the Baltimore Washington Parkway outlook delays reach from telegraph road to the Wilson bridge and Landover from two zero two two good luck road. Anna MacLean from the toll road. I sixty six now from garage door repair dot com w WMA AL Weather Channel forecast tonight. Rainy, low around forty five tomorrow, rain and showers high fifty one right now, it's forty six in chantilly and forty nine Reagan national, I wouldn't I'm win Delano one W A L now to Larry O'Connor shell. AM six thirty. You do have to hear some of these. Inner actions. Between the media and the president today because they're going in the vault as perfect examples of what it was like when Donald Trump was president. And how he was with the media how the media was with him. Here's here's one exchange that goes to this whole suggestion that it. It looks like the president might be caving on the wall.

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