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Team, by the way, Dennis Miller. Steam sounds a little like porn adjacent. What what do you keep your clothes on in this right now because they want you to crank that up for one second, do, you know, the song shy shy kit that he brings his own musical score. Google. Familiar? Yeah. Let's hear it says the girl in the video we were just sitting here at home and over the, you know, you can order the Sonos just came shy shy. And I'm sitting next to the girl of my dreams video. And I get givers smooth. It the smooch. I want to hear it read all of DC wants to hear it. Fab hear her song. They give the video watch later. Very cool. What a life you have Dennis Miller funny. Yes. The hot chicken the video girl. You've got to be funny. So can you believe what we saw yesterday Nancy Pelosi back, you know, with her sharpened talons digging into the gavel of the speaker. What's what's your immediate response to that image? My immediate response is I'm glad this country is coming to a juncture point. Listen when you watch her come in and say smart ass things. You know, the only time she's flippant is when it's about Trump, you know, I'll give him a dollar for his wall. And then you have a cop shot, and then you have somebody come in in the freshman. Congress members screaming we're gonna impeach this. And then they use the word, and then Trump announces today jobs are up over three hundred thousand or smart, listen, I'm not saying it's gonna go my way, my way would be the same way where I think that you you take good numbers and you'll enjoy it and the country is doing well on the guys rough around the edges, but in many ways, it's just fighting back if they ever given him a day since he got in didn't do this Sturman drag. So it's a pretty graphic depiction of which way. Do you want to go? Do you want to roll this back? Do you wanna let Pelosi and Cossio Cortez, and this other woman whose name I don't even know being petulant children on a day where three hundred thousand new jobs are created or. You wanna go with the guy who's rough around the edges but getting some really good results. And then one though, I can't predict Larry, you know, the country's screwed up right now. I can't even believe this is a race. You know, echoing John John Robertson's line where he played Dukakis in the sketch. I can't believe. This is even close, but it is. And we'll know soon which way we're going to go. Yeah. And do you think though that with Pelosi as the speaker of the house, and the Democrats having the majority in a way that tension and Trump sort of having a daily bete noire if I may to sort of play against does that actually end up helping Trump? He's good when he's got someone to oppose isn't he? Well, there's.

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