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Washington Postwashington Post And Jay discussed on Cape Up with Jonathan Capehart


It. Thanks for listening to Cape up. Tune in every Tuesday, you can find us on apple podcasts, and Stitcher and how about doing me a huge favor subscribe rate and review us, I'm Jonathan Kaye part or the Washington Post you can find me on Twitter at Cape heart. Jay. The Washington Post's newest podcasts post reports is doing something different. Every afternoon. We'll bring you stories about the state of the country a number of false and misleading claims he made on the campaign trail the last few weeks is breathtaking and the world. And I think that that is where climate change is starting to come in. It's causing fires to move more rapidly to spread more rapidly. And also to burn hotter. The stories behind the stories, and how we come to know the things, you know. That's the sound of Antarctic snow, healthy snow. Not healthy so stories that catch the reality of the world inside and outside of Washington nuance and unflinching honesty. That's post reports. I'm routine powers, and I can't wait to share this new podcast with you get it. Now at Washington Post dot com slash post

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Washington Postwashington Post And Jay discussed on Cape Up with Jonathan Capehart

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