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The twenty nine th that's the day. The United Kingdom is scheduled to leave. The European Union migration Minister Mark harbor says Britain's are very welcome to live work and study in the Netherlands also after Brexit Burton's who've lived in the Netherlands for more than five years at the time of Brexit will be entitled to apply for permanent. Residency those who've lived in the country for less than five years. We'll be able to apply for a short term residency permit. The winter weather that's been blasting Europe has caused flight delays and cancellations and AP correspondent Syria. Shaklee reports. More than a dozen people have been killed in weather related accidents over the last week. Most of them from avalanches in Norway attempts to find the bodies of four skiers were again, put on hold you to poor visibility and heavy snowfall a Swedish woman and three Finns were presumed dead after nine hundred ninety foot wide avalanche hits a valley near the northern city of Trump sir last week. Other people have also been killed by avalanches in Switzerland. Austria, and Germany and authorities warned that continued snowfall is increasing the already high risk of more avalanches. I'm

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