Teacher charged with assault after video shows her dragging boy with autism through a Kentucky school


On assault charges today. Dan, ingred county. But it just it just speaks to. I think what is so wrong about a profession that has so much right in it. So I wanted to get a professional perspective on this and standing by the hotline to speak about that right now is Stephen crates. He is an associate professor of special education and an associate dean of education at northern Kentucky university, and it's great to have him. Join us here on seven hundred wwl w Stephen crates. Welcome to the big one. Thanks for joining us. Thank you. I was as I said, I don't know if you heard in my in my intro. I was I was profoundly disturbed and moved by what I saw. And I'm wondering what your reaction was when you saw that video for the first time. Well, it's certainly something that shouldn't have happened. Children with autism can be very very difficult. And in the school situation and people get frustrated, but that's probably not the way it should have

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