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Rods fucking hot getting into pool. It's all the options, we could or live music, and you got native the heat is an obstacle to overcome. I guess it is in the coal to. Yeah. Whatever don't matter. It don't hit the dog was on my side. I know that's he got hair. Yeah. Hey, suppose you and the dog versus handy. So we lost. Right. And so we're burning up note. Here's the other thing. I did that to be two for joke. Andy, a an electric blanket that would plug in the liner before I figured the heat out. They have those no truck stops that would've worked. She would have been happy not happy. But she would have been found with that. We know so needed the heat to defrost the fucking windshield. Right. We literally couldn't drive where you just moments Lee because we figured it out in Arkansas. But then that all that whole day from Arkansas to Oklahoma and Texas was that battle we want it hot. And we wanted Cole, blah, blah, blah. But then. We hit a snowstorm on the way to fucking New Mexico. We decided that our first detour would be in Las to Las Vegas, New Mexico, which is close to Santa Fe. It's like a smaller town with a little bit more charm than Santa Fe. We were going to do both. Turns out we would have had to do that. Dettori? Anyway, it's bef- right before you get an Albuquerque dip up up north into the mountains. Everybody had to go that way because a fucking snowstorm. The biggest one in like five years hilarious on Albuquerque. And they literally shut the interstate down. Will that fucking sucks? Well, we were going that way. Anyway. But now we had to go that way with traffic traffic, basically goes through Santa Fe and then back down the mountain. We've you're off the rat to go to Las Vegas, New Mexico. There's no more salt on the road a minute to will drive moving van with my family and everything I own in.

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