News om Brief 11 January 2019

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This is the news in brief from the United Nations the human rights situation in North Korea remains extremely serious and this along with denuclearization represents a critical test for two thousand nineteen a senior u n appointed rights expert said on Friday Thomas, Quintana was speaking in his capacity as u n special rapporteur on human rights in the country, which is formerly known as the Democratic People's Republic of career DPRK his press conference was held in the South Korean capital Seoul, as he has been denied access to its northern neighbour of those who left recently that I interviewed Unity's mission every accounts of ordinary people being subject to best blow labor and serious human rights violations such such as force evictions in the name of development stories were told to me of people including children been subject to long our fourth labor where they were forced to. Without remuneration, one person concluded the whole country is a prison, Mr. Quintana said that personal testimonies he received confirmed the existence of political prison camps containing thousands of people accused of committing crimes against the state fair about being sent to these camps was very real and deeply embedded in the consciousness of the ordinary North Korean people. According to the special reporter, his report will be delivered to the Human Rights Council in Geneva at its next regular session, beginning in late February northeast Syria is seeing increasing number of civilian casualties and large-scale displacement amid intensifying efforts to defeat isolate extremists in debt as governor at the UN refugee agency UNHCR said on Friday spokesperson, Andrea Maharidge warned that clashes and airstrikes in hygiene have forced tens of thousands of people to flee northwards in search of safety over the past six months, more than twenty five thousand people have been displaced in that part of the country. In the five weeks alone eight thousand plus so we have seen an increase especially with the esscalation that has occurred in the course of December those at risk include women children and the elderly and many families who have reached the safety of the Al refugee camp in northeast Syria. Have risked their lives to do. So the dangerous and difficult journey and conditions inside the end Clave are reported to have led to the deaths of six babies under twelve months old most died after arriving at al-hol too weak to survive, according to UNHCR, the UN agency estimates that two thousand people remain in the conflict affected area of Jin where people reporting creasing Lee, desperate conditions in Iceland held areas. And finally, the recent reported decline in the number of cases of deadly Ebola virus infections in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo or DRC should be treated with caution. You and medical experts said on Friday, the World Health Organization or WHO statement comes as. The agency and partners continue to respond to the outbreak which is happening in an area. That's home to some one hundred non state armed groups. According to the latest update from the thirties. The fall in infection numbers is in the city of Benny the former epicenter of the disease. But these trends must be interpreted cautiously WHO said noting that recent violence had halted their work for a time and delay detection of people at risk of contracting. The deadly Ebola virus today to three hundred eighty three people have died in the latest outbreak. Which is Diaz sees ninth in the last forty years and two hundred and twenty two have recovered Daniel Johnson U N news.

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