'Fiji Water Girl' is countersued by Fiji Water over Golden Globes photos


Hey, speaking of lawsuits, Fiji water has fired back at the Fiji water girl with the countersuit. It's like this is probably the series will end up getting. You're going to sue me that I'm gonna sue you to page. Six is reporting that Fiji water is counter suing the Fiji water girl. Keleaf Cuthbert whose real name is Kelly Steinbach, isn't that weird that her chosen name is? Than the stage. Name so weird her stage. Name is keleaf Cuthbert. I can't even say it. It's hard. I don't have any sort of a list by can't even imagine how difficult it would be one. Who does imagine Silvester trying to say how would even happen? Holly. Possible. So the Fiji water girl is now being accused of biting the hand that feeds her the court papers say that she has wrongly turned on the very company that is entirely responsible for providing her he opportunity in the means to capitalize on her fleeting, fifteen minutes of internet thing, you're recall that at the Golden Globes, the Fiji water girls strategically placed herself with a tray of Fiji water behind virtually every celebrity on the red carpet. Some celebrities liked this more than others, many were not too pleased. Curtis did not pleased to be part of Fiji waters at which I think is fair if you are fundamentally against bottled water, which a lot of people are for a lot of reasons, then maybe you don't want to be part of that. She was all over the Golden Globes. And then these images Fiji water used in other promotional materials, the Fiji water girl claims that that was in violation of the contract, and they were profiting off her without compensating her and Fiji says you and your team agreed to a one year deal. That would give you an. Ninety thousand dollars salary as a brand ambassador and Fiji can use her name likeness and performance during that term. Yeah. It was going to say when she initially filed this lawsuit Calif Cuthbert, I was wondering that was hard. I was wondering what was the initial contract that she signed between herself and Fiji water being usually when somebody is signing this kind of brand ambassador contract, and you don't have a lot of leverage you're signing a lot of your rights away right to the company that you're listening. This was this after this is rain she made after she sort of went viral. So to me, it's like girl would somebody was saying you gotten more could have gotten more presumably thousand decided to try and get more another like fat chance. Rain water

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