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For Sam etlinger in the Texas longhorns. In the big twelve championship game. He goes three five forty eight yards on the opening drive. And it's a sixteen yard touchdown run to give Texas to lead. Oklahoma won the toss. And for the first time this year. Elected to defer, which is odd considering how bad their defense is. But they did. And they gave up a touchdown on the first drive. Impressive drive by Texas. They go nine plays seventy five yards and a touchdown. I mentioned the etlinger sixteen yard touchdown run. He accounted for sixty four of the seventy five yards on that. First drive now, Oklahoma has the ball for the first time making the case for UCF. Listen, I'll admit all right. Unlike some people, I never always make makes me laugh that. You know, some people think that because they work in sports talk radio that they're supposed to be an expert on every subject. We all have sports that we know better. Right. I know baseball and the NFL those are my two most knowledgeable sports. And then you know, other things I know salmonella in nobody's an expert everything. But some some host are afraid to admit that now college football. I don't know as well as baseball in the NFL. So I don't proclaim to be an expert. I watch it follow it. But I'm not it's not as ingrained in me is the NFL and baseball. So I'll admit that off the bat. But I do think there is a case if enough things happen today for UCF to get in. And I know a lot of the college football experts will say well UCF doesn't play a schedule. That's the always the argument is UCF didn't play good enough schedule. Okay. I'll grant you that. That's true. I also saw some some advanced analytics at say. This the elite powerhouse teams would would have a twenty five percent chance to go undefeated with with UCF schedule. Okay. All right fair. Maybe maybe Ohio State would be undefeated if they'd played UCF schedule. Maybe I don't know. I mean, I'm sure you see a plate teams as good as Purdue. But they don't have to play Michigan. They didn't have to play, you know, Michigan state and Penn State. All right, fine, fine. Okay. All that. But they're not really given a chance a lot of the big schools. Don't wanna play them and the the and in the end. UCF has gone undefeated if they win today two years in a row, there's gotta be something said for that. And no matter what your schedule if it were that easy wire and other teams smaller conferences, not doing this ever, especially two years in a row. So while I understand that the big schools, and if Ohio State wins or Oklahoma wins or Al Georgia wins fine. I'm not I'm not gonna argue UCF there even though they're undefeated. But in my opinion, if if Georgia Oklahoma and Ohio State all lose today. I think UCF should get that shot. Now, I understand they lost their quarterback. And let's see how they play without him. If they don't play that well without a different story. But if they get to twelve again, and somehow Georgia likely, Oklahoma, not all that likely and Ohio State, very unlikely all lose. I just don't see how you couldn't give UCF a shot every other team would have two or more loss of Georgia would have to Oklahoma to high state would have to Michigan went up two losses. In Washington would have three LSU and Florida would have three Penn State three Washington state to Texas three. I see it. That's the one scenario where I'm gonna pound the table for UCF. And if that happens if Oklahoma goes down if Georgia goes down, especially Georgia get smoked by Alabama. And if Ohio State goes down, then they should be in make the case. I mean, again if Georgia lost in overtime, Alabama. Maybe I could see that I still wouldn't put them in. But UCF in that scenario, but if Georgia wins loses handling and Oklahoma state and Ohio State, go Oklahoma and Ohio State, go down who should go in over UCF. I always it's tougher schedules. Put still two losses one loss. I get it one loss. I'm gonna put a one loss power five team over UCF. Okay. But to no. I'm not I don't think that's going to happen. But if it does it should. Jason Louisiana next up CBS sports radio. Hello Jason was that day. How you doing buddy? Good. Jason what's happening with you. I watch a game Westside between washable or. I just thought you saw all year long the Pac twelve. When washed played Oliver was real big thing. People had high hopes for. Other teams like Stanford and USC and stuff like that. Which you would think would be at least a conference chat will keep going. But I just, you know, walking by take a conference like get seriously. You never anything. Sometimes get mentioned in the. But not necessarily in the playoff picture. You know, the top four. What did you get your thoughts on that? Yeah. But I can't disagree. I hope it's not an in eastern time zone bias. But yeah, the Pac twelve does seem clearly as the worst of the power five conferences. John. They haven't gotten the team in recent years. They haven't deserve the team in recent years that game last night was awful. I agree. It was hard to you watch team flavor conference championship. And neither of those teams. Look like they could compete with the with the Ohio states. Oklahoma's Notre Dame's Georgia's Alabama. Clemson. Neither of those teams look like they compete with those teams. Washington's a good football team. So's utah. They're pretty good Washington stayed pretty good. But they're not in that class with the best teams in college football. I I don't think there's any doubt about it. So. I can't disagree. Twelve until proven. Otherwise is probably the worst conference of the major of the power five in all college football. I don't know if we got a lot of west coast listeners if you wanna make debate, and we call it from Seattle earlier we talking about Kareem on but on this subject, if you're media have an arc. There's no argument for a pack twelve team making the college football playoff from in Washington won the conference, and they have three losses. So then obviously not going to the cultural. No matter what I mean. Even if even if my scenario happened where Oklahoma Ohio State and Georgia all lost still wouldn't go to Washington. If I'm curious I wonder who they would put in. Todd who do you think would go in? If that happened. What's the scenario again, if Oklahoma Georgia and Ohio State all lost who you think we get the fourth spot cheese? But I think it should be UCF. But I I'm not sure especially with Mellon going down. That's a hard thing. And I'm we like to see that. I think they should. But I'm not saying they will. But I think they should every other team would have two losses are more. And then so we were in Texas. It's really tough. I don't they got three losses. There's no way Texas gets in Campo, Texas. You can't put northwestern campus. Northwestern you can't put Ohio State. They will have just lost. They would have lost the northwestern. And Purdue you can't put Oklahoma over Texas as you said, but you can't but Oklahoma 'cause they lost down twice. You can't. I mean, could you put Michigan, but they lost to the two teams that they lost? Well, how state Notre Dame the two best teams they played where did they have Michigan this week? Let me see seven seven. I think you've got to put UCF. The only other thing is if Georgia lost like a nail biter to Alabama. They might still be in. Yeah. I think if they play within a touchdown. They probably would get in. I think in this situation they would put Michigan and before UCF. They've they've sent every message at they're not. But that's ridiculous. You can't I think that's completely unfair to put Michigan who didn't even make their conference championship. And against the two best teams. They play this year lost to put them in over UCF rush by a house mean if your argument is that they belong in the playoff because of their defense. They j- we just saw them get lit up by right? Of course by Ohio State. What are they going to do against Alabama? And maybe UCF lose by thirty five album. Maybe. What if they just made it a game? I'm not saying they're going to win the if they made a game if they can if UCF lost Alabama. You know, thirty one to twenty we'd look at UCF differently and say, you know, what maybe it's been silly that we've been just dismissing them totally if they played if they played a Representative game against Alabama team that might be you know, an all time college football team. So I again, I don't think it's going to happen. But I think if Oklahoma state excuse me, if Oklahoma Ohio State and Georgia all lose. I'd put UCF in. I don't know if it's going to happen. We'll see but. Time will tell aren't we come back. It's time for fact or fiction, and then we'll get to the NFL haven't hit much on the NFL outside of the Kareem hunt situation coming up at one o'clock a factor fiction is next but first it's time for the latest sports update. Here's Larry Ridley. Sports flash. I'm Larry Ridley. It's week fourteen.

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