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Who won best new artist the year that Gaga debut album the fame was nominated for album of the year. And she was the true best new artist. Was it a s Brown's Spalding be Zac Brown band? See Duffy or D? None of the above. Wow. All right. I know that were winners among that crew. I'm pretty sure Brown's Spalding one that was a huge upset, but she one of Justin Bieber, and I think that was the year or two later someone eliminate her from the pool between the two I don't think it's none of the above. Maybe it is. But I'm gonna go ahead, and guess. Duffy. His incorrect bees Brown band sack Brown van darn it. Suf-? You agree have drink with me. Raise glasses for two two little bit of chicken. Bandies bit. And the radio. Yep. Duffy loss to Dowell in two thousand nine. So the nomination for the year in two thousand ten was the first of three consecutive album of the year. Now's for Gaga would go on to appear in the category for both the fame monster and born this way is huge. As the fame was was ineligible. For best new artist do to already being nominated for Grammy. The previous year two thousand nine for best dance recording with just dance that is such a heartbreaker for Gaga, but an excellent excellent trivia question. You know, best new artist to such a funny category. The the history of that award is so checkered so many of one and then gone onto you know, a terrible ignominy from Starling vocal band to leave a nilly, and and then they're all the artists who should have been eligible light Gaga, for example, infamously Whitney Houston was not eligible Cardi B this year Cardi B this year. Right. They keep eliminating people for random technicalities, and then including people who had recording careers for years. It's so strange that category. So Jared after a tough first question you did amazingly on the. Subsequent questions and you stumped me. So I hope you're holding your head up high after that trivia round. Yeah. Pretty proud of this as well. You should be jarred. We can't thank you enough for joining us. Thanks for being on hit parade the bridge. I think you so much. Well, Chris Jared is really good at trivia. I mean, our listeners are just incredibly here with all of their knowledge. But yeah, it really seems like the next episode is about lady Gaga, and I I'm dying to know more. Can you please tell us about what's coming out? Yes. Well, as it was indicated in one of those two questions this month. January twenty nineteen is the tenth anniversary of lady Gaga. I number one hit in January of two thousand nine just dance. And with twenty twenty hindsight that was the start of a really fascinating career. And the other thing that's happening in January of twenty nineteen of courses that Ganga up for all sorts of awards. She just won an award at the Golden Globes, not the one she necessarily wanted to end. She did wanna win best song. She also wanted to invest actress, she didn't take that prize. But by the end of the month, we will also find out if she's going to be nominated. For an Oscar not just for best song, but quite possibly also a best actress as well. And it's an exciting time for her. And what I wanted to in the next episode of hip parade is not only the decade-long career lady Gaga, but how her role in a star is born reflects and refraction almost through a prism her career because many of the arguments that have raged over the meaning of stars born. And you know, it's a sense of authenticity are some of the same questions that have been asked about lady Gaga throughout her career. And I really wanted to explore how Gogga's musical career really informed her role not just that the level of playing singer and movie, but the entire arc of the story. And how that that plays out in a star is born. So I hope fans will enjoy it. We'll be doing both a little bit of movie history as well as as usual extensive music history. I am so excited for this episode. I'm huge. Lady Gaga fan. I really can't wait. And I wanna say thank you so much again for letting me join you on this episode of the bridge. And I know I'm going to be listening for next time. We'll thank you so much teacher. I want to thank all of our listeners. Again, I'm TJ Rafael senior producer for the slate podcast network. And I'm Chris Milan fee. Keep on marching on the one.

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