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So there's more writing on it. The only thing is though is that how soccer is such a low scoring game. In like, how one big mistake can completely affect everything on a bigger level than I think in a Super Bowl or other types of single emanating games. I just think that you do for more randomness to happen. Right. Like, you you allow in a single who loves who doesn't love randomness. I mean, I like it and maybe final. But I don't know. I like to see the two teams play twice, and it really if you could beat a team twice then. That's it. You know what I mean? Like, it's such an even sport most of the time, but I get it should be fun. I think there is some level of excitement there that wasn't there before also speaking of exciting things in the most Tani Brahima vich has said he is staying he will play for the galaxy. That's big news for the league because he undoubtedly might be the biggest star. And when he came in the MLS put that league on fire last year. He had a lot of goals, but not only that his personality. He's a star in playing in LA. He soaked. It debbie. It's David Beckham all over again. Yeah. He soaked it up. He's a star. He knows how to play the crowd like he and I remember when David. Beckham. I got signed elegant people lost their minds. This was like the same. On news. How to like play into the crowd play into the fans? Right. He knows how to excite people. He knows what it stars about. He's got to get the crowd involved. I say that to make the star. And he does it very very, well, maybe better than anyone the world feels like he can do it. Really good. So anyways, that's what we got for today. Yes. I think that is safety so much joining us everybody week, please. Yes. Please. God if love of God. But also to ensure sports are football or fantasy football or basketball or baseball podcasts happen throughout the week. Baseball happens on Wednesdays bass will on Thursdays. Football's happened to one Tuesday Wednesday Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday fantasy football happens. Monday Friday who thanks so much joining us, and we will see you next week. Listening to the Golden State media concepts soccer podcast part of the that state media concepts podcast network..

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