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Babar's? Dear Jim Peterman to the raiders was bound to happen. Eventually signed Fabian getting cut off before noon, Brian in Syracuse war, Dino babies. Syracuse. I'm a funny, dude. Right as Dino. Syracuse is also on the Jake Rome list, we've not heard from them. But he's applying to Syracuse. That'd be a great place to be to. All right. So we have that this Email says dear Jim why does Lisa in Indy? Guate- way to mention she has a son just like the hot girl in the office mentions. Her husband in every interaction. Thanks to in west LA yesterday own question, drew. So she can Heisman creeps like you. Jamie and Green Bay tweets cold in the studio. Just borrow I raised burning barrel and tossed this printed tweet in there. His burning barrel. Burning. We'll figure it out. All right. So coming up next segment. Rick Barnes, the head basketball coach at Tennessee Wesley would yard Tennessee titans. Linebacker coming up our number three. And the interview is tomorrow. So this is the last time your last chance to get through with Anthony want take advantage of it. Now, you knew this was coming the Oakland Raiders signed Nathan, Michael Peterman. And yes, I went government on him because when you are Nathan Michael Peterman and some other NFL team actually gives you a shot and that team is the Oakland Raiders. And that team is coached by Jon Gruden then you always get the full government treatment. That's a fact here's another fact there was no way the Oakland Raiders were not going to sign. Nathan Michael Peterman absolutely zero chance the guy who had been a legendarily bad quarterback has been United with the man who thought that he would be a great quarterback. The worst quarterback has joined the worst talent evaluator. So it was fate. It was destiny. And now it's reality again. There was no way that that was not going to happen now despite that let me just say this the raiders signing. Nathan Peterman is peak Gruden. You know, like this hasn't been a painful enough year four raider fans as it was why not give them? One more swift kick in the package right before Ryan Seacrest councils down to the end of the year Khalil Mack. Don't need you Amari Cooper. Thanks for the memories. But Nathan Peterman come on down. And if sentence and a paragraph and a book Chuck runes first big move since plunging that steak knife into Reggie McKenzie's back. Mackenzie agree to move on. You have to ask Reggie was designed the biggest running joke of the entire eighteen football season. Do jump the gun to get the notorious N P into the building. Like, you thought there'd be some sort of run on that pick chucking turnover machine as soon as the calendar turned over. I mean like, Chuck he just could not let this season just die in peace all because he loved his game back when he was pretending discount quarterbacks for ESPN shows raider fan. He's not supposed to be pretending anymore. This is not some wack TV show. This is not some reality show. This is the real thing, and he's getting paid real hellfire. Jack to do the real thing. What a disaster. Remember, how twenty eighteen started with Chuck at the dais listening to Mark Davis talk about how he was like. Vince Lombardi Bill Walsh in Chuck knoll all rolled into one. Do you awesome? Remember, nearly every raider great came out to be at that presser. Jim motto Chuck Woodson, Tim Brown. Rich gannon. If you ever strapped a silver buckets your head with a pirate on it. You were in that building and less than twelve months later. We don't even know what building these guys are going to be in next year. But you can bet your ass than none of those old guys are going to show up to watch it from the start of the year, Chuck's vision for this team was a disaster. He was stacking vets like Jordy Nelson and Doug Martin. So he could win. Now. He was shipping out viable draft picks for a bust like Martavis Bryant, and then when playing hardball with Khalil Mack didn't work day took a torch to that place. And they did not stop until there was not a pro bowler left in the building. Literally. For only the second time in team history. There is not a. Pro bowler. The team dropped a press release to announce their three alternates. That's how bad it is Jon Gruden had maybe the greatest life ever. Remember, what was this guy doing showing up once a week? Selling beer selling wings paid way. Too much to talk football that one night a week, and then had his name floated out for every job opening in both college and pro football every single year like for some ego stroke to get people to look at them and talk about him, and he gave all that up the best life. He gave all that up and for what? Yeah. Sure. The paycheck is bigger it better be because given how he's set fire to his team and to his rap that's about all he's got left. Now, the Jack man you knew this was going to happen though. Right. You knew this was going to happen because Gruden was raving about Nate before the two thousand seventeen NFL draft you knew it because Gruden wrote before that draft quote Peterman is ready to walk in and be a contributor from day. One end quote. You knew it because it could not happen. Any other way? There was no way that after making trades that helped to other teams get into playoff contention that destroyed his own team. There was no way Gruden was not going to sign Nathan Michael Peterman. Because now the demolition of the raiders is complete. And nobody's going to let him forget it. Either held the New York Times sports section is roasting. This dude on Twitter, quote, grew has dumped Khalil Mack dumped, Amari Cooper and signed and Nathan Peterman nine years to go is that raider fan. Yeah. Don't tell me that I'm overreacting. And that the only sign him to the practice squad. Let me tell you something grund loves his dude, he will do whatever he can to get this guy to a game. You can be sure of that just as you could be sure that he was going to bring him in and signed him in the first place merry freaking Christmas raider fan. You just got a huge lump of coal in your stocking. And an even bigger dumping your pants in the form of Schalke in Naty a match made in heaven. I'll give you just one sliver. Of that techno. Royalty free techno. Big coal in your stocking. And a big dumping your pants. Pants. I don't know. It's the fact that this guy.

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