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Got to watch that show blue mountain state. Yeah. It's it's funny man football bath you'd better watch parodies. Although like football movies and shows, but it's I think it's pretty funny. It's obviously, well if it's better than right now, I'm I'm being subjected to the marvelous MRs Mazel by my wife, so if he can save me from that a little bit actually for the kids if you're under eighteen do not watch it. But okay. Was that a hallmark movie reference? You just made there's no the marvelous MRs basil as a show on Amazon prime that sounds like a hallmark movie. It's actually pretty decent starters. Rachel brosnahan. It's pretty good. This is why mock drafts I just can't Rashawn Gary's number twenty five going to Seattle. And this new CBS sports wanna talk about Gary is off the charts. Postproduction production has met expectations part of those ways who's used in Ann Arbor replayed interior defensive line as well as ads rusher. The modern times he played interior defensive line is. Is a handful like I just when they do mock drafts. I don't know it's probably very hard to do because you're trying to scout essentially two hundred people or more. But that isn't a Romania statement. He. Yeah. It's like harbach can't develop a quarterback. Like, okay. You're not doing your homework. Right. I he's number two in McShane. I think mcshea McShane Kuyper both had them in their top ten. I think those are probably two of the stronger voices, by the way, we have not talked about it wants today, but Devin Bush, formerly nounce that he is a sitting out the game and going pro with a little bit of caveat. I mean, he he said that he he suffered a hip injury against Ohio State from rehab and the whole thing he is not yet one hundred percents. And so it's in his best interest with the with the injury to sit out the game. Then also announced that he was leaving for Michigan. He leaves Michigan with a very firm legacy in place. Yeah. I asked earlier today or I think I posted earlier today he ranks among Michigan's best linebackers of all time. And in fact, we'll start with our first six on six of today where does Bush rank among Michigan's greatest linebackers? I think this is a this is clearly a subjective type of question because everybody has couple of their own guys. I will tell you who who Michigan's all Americans are that have played at the linebacker position. Okay. You go back to nine thousand nine hundred seventy s Marty Hoff and Mike Taylor. Never sobs. They play wasn't born yet Calvin O'Neal has a great reputation. John Anderson, Ron Simpkins, I think many people think the Ron Simpkins is the greatest linebacker in Michigan football history. His their all time leading tackler. He had a terrific career in the NFL played for the Bengals he played in Super Bowls. Super awesome guy. If you ever get a chance to meet Ron Simpkins? I think I've said before, but you know, you hear all these stories because he's supposedly one of the toughest people. You've like football players have ever worn. The winged helmet. And you meet them in year. You see them in go down in Detroit to meet him in your like, he's got these big big hands. Like, he's he's about six two or so and you just look at them. And you your guys gonna eat me alive? He might murder me. And then as soon as he starts speaking. He's a soft spoken. He's like just an incredible gentlemen, one of the nicest guy, one of the nicest people I've ever met. So he's like a very different. I would be very I would have loved to have seen them on the football field in his heyday, comparative personality off the field but ransom gets his generally considered the best linebacker in Michigan football history. Eric Anderson in one thousand nine hundred one won the Butkus award which actually awards to the best linebacker in college football, Jarrett irons in one thousand nine hundred ninety six Larry foot in two thousand one in Djibril peppers and tell them sixteen are Michigan's consensus. I our first time first team first team all Americans. I would also throw in the mix David Harris who was a second team. All america. And how he wasn't a first team all American blows my mind in two thousand six Shawn cable in two thousand seven set Michigan's single season tackle for loss record twenty eight and a half and the other one that I would throw in there that I think is a very underrated linebackers. Bent was consistently good throws career. And I actually thought he was overshadowed by Larry foot and was a better linebacker was Victor Hopson. So somewhere out of that group is where you had the best linebackers where Devon Bush fits in is probably a personal choice for every individual fan out there. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, he's got to be in your top five. I would think so I would think so I I won't say gotta be because you can disagree. But. What stands out to me about Devin Bush and admittedly? I wasn't really paying attention to linebackers until I started doing it for a job. So I haven't seen everybody. But. What's interesting Bush's? He's his numbers. This year were not like these off the chart numbers. And so to me like when he won big ten defensive player of the year. And when he was named a consensus all American. My takeaway was that he is just so impressive. That people didn't even need to know the stats. He just has that all American aura about him. That everyone who watches him says. Yeah, he's one of the best three linebackers in college football. And to me, that's a. That's a sign of a rare talent because he had eighty tackles what nine and a half tackles for loss. Five sacks six pass breakup? But I mean what he was able to do the angles. We saw him close out the pursuits. We saw make the open field tackles. We saw him make the hard hits, you know, the run stops being. I'm not sure what more you could really have asked for from him. Well, he's a list of his mistakes is probably like one hand long. So someone tweeted means don't you think David Harris put up better numbers, and I'll tell you what the hard part about comparing. And this is where even if someone says Ron Simpkins is the greatest linebacker of all time. I'll say, okay, I'm not going to disagree with you. And you say Devon Bush linebacker different eras different offenses that they played against very different styles. So this past year, Devin Bush didn't put up a hundred and twenty tackles you can go out there and find like a linebacker, I or linebacker or western they had one hundred twenty tackles. But here's the thing. Michigan's defense face the fifth fewest total plays in college football this year, fifth fewest total plays. So if you're Michigan seven hundred seventeen plays at the defense face this year. So if you're someone like Perdue, your your linebacker faced a hundred and ninety more plays than Devon Bush did this past year so one hundred ninety more plays. Not necessarily one hundred one hundred ninety more opportunities for tackles. But you get more opportunities for tackles. And so he didn't put a big numbers. But the other thing is too because I was talking about David Harrison numbers versus Devon Bush's numbers is in two thousand six you the number of teams that ran spread offenses was still in the minority in the big ten. So you had north western ran it Ohio State. Ran it other than that wasn't this proliferation. Like, I mean, it wasn't all over the place. And so David Harris faced a lot more offenses where they where the ball with his defensive line with guys like L andbranch. And Terrence Taylor weren't playmakers in the middle of defensive line. There are more fun Allers. They funneled things to David Harris. David Harris made plays. He was always in the right spot at the right time. I mean, he didn't miss tackles, which was one of the best things about him. And he made a lot of big tackles two in the backfield. But things were funneled towards them. You can't in today's couch football funnel things very often to your middle linebacker because of the abundant. Silence of spread offense is out there. So I think that you can't really compare numbers. And when you think about if you want even when you wanna do and say, well, yeah. But somebody at Wisconsin had twenty five more tackles than him. I would say, okay. Well, how many more plays Wisconsin faced this year than Michigan and the answer is sixty five. So every one of those is an opportunity for that guy, Devin Bush as you said sideline to sideline he's he's he and Ian gold and Larry Foote are the three fastest interior linebackers Michigan's ever had to Honey Jones also on that list. But his was at another level. He made every big play that you need them to make. He was very good against the pass rush. I would put them out easily put them top five. I would have a hard time saying who's number one and number two because of the differences offenses that each of these guys has faced over the years. All right. When we come back. We will ask recruiting who has the best chance at playing a major role. For the wolverines in two thousand and nineteen. That's our next six nine six. Donald talk. Stockton fifty w.

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