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AP radio news. I'm Rita Foley laid tonight. President Trump tell the nation. There is a crisis at the Mexico border, and the US has to build a wall there as the personal government closure goes into its third week, President Trump dug in on his demand for billions to build a wall at a national emergency that was Sunday with reporters. Now, he's taking his case directly to the American public in a primetime address Democrats who call the wall immoral and ineffective say they're asking the networks for equal time tonight. They say they expect the president's comments will be quote full of malice and misinformation Thursday, the president continues his push for the wall by traveling to the US Mexico border where he'll meet with those who work on the front lines. Jackie Quinn, Washington. One thing you won't have to worry about while parts of the government are shut down your tax refund. Again. Our Jackie Quinn. The acting director of the White House budget office. Says they plan to change customary rules to ensure that tax payers get those refunds. Although some critics say it's not legal to do that. But a senior administration officials sites and IRS decision from twenty eleven that such payments are legally allowed during a shutdown. Kevin Spacey is pleading not guilty to groping an eighteen year old busboy in two thousand sixteen at Massachusetts bar and restaurant. It's the first criminal case brought against him following a string of sexual misconduct. Allegations nNcholas crews charged with shooting seventeen people dead last year, it stoneman Douglas high school in Florida goes to court today is attorneys have said when the time comes he will plead guilty in exchange for a life prison sentence. The prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. Today's hearing is mainly procedural in case you missed it. Clemson crushed Alabama forty four to sixteen in the college football playoff national championship game. This is AP radio news. Ryan Leong has more on that. Big college game, Clemson becomes the first team ever to post a fifteen zero record as the Tigers dominate Alabama and the national championship game to win it forty four to sixteen. The Tigers clearly control the momentum scoring thirty unanswered points. Freshman quarterback. Trevor Lawrence was twenty of thirty two for three hundred forty seven yards three touchdowns and named the offensive player of the game freshman receiver Justin Ross had six catches for one hundred and fifty three yards including a seventy four yard scoring reception. Travis added eighty six yards rushing into scores. If the second national title for Clemson in three years Ryan Leon Santa.

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